Honeycutt Classes

Select one or more classes to sharpen your knowledge, skills, or interests. John Honeycutt designed and instructs options listed below. Workshops and presentations are generously provisioned through Indian Center Technology Center (ICTC) virtually as well as four locations in Northeastern Oklahoma. Call 918-348-7960 for scheduling, registration, and locations of courses

G-Suite & Google Classroom

TEACHERS. Are you an experienced educator, but “less tech savvy” than you would like to be? Do you have limited or no experience with G-suite? This workshop is in-person, instructor-led, and emphasizes hands-on practice. Walk away with greater confidence in how to incorporate G-suite into your curriculum and instruction style. (ICTC campus. 9 hours)

Strengths-based approach for at-risk youth

PROVIDERS. Enrollment is limited. This provocative, but practical, overview summarizes “A Strengths-Based Approach for Interaction with At-Risk Youth.” This course is applicable to educators, counselors, social workers, probation officers, youth leaders, and other adults working with at-risk youth. (Virtual. 3 hours)

Google tools your students use

PARENTS. Can you tell if your student actually completed the work before it is due or creatively just clicked the “submit work” button? How can parents be participative and helpful to their student with so much emphasis in technology?  Google tools are used extensively in most classrooms these days. Get some practical, hands-on experience from a certified teacher. (ICTC campus. 3 hours)

The Algebra you forgot

PARENTS: Better prepare for assisting your middle and high school student in the major themes and concepts of pre-algebra and algebra. No homework is assigned – we promise! (Virtual. 3 hours)

The Chemistry you slept through

PARENTS: Better assist your high school student in the major themes and concepts of chemistry. This (almost fun) course engages students through replacements words for difficult jargon and with analogy for difficult concepts. This is the short-course chemistry class you always wish you would have had (sort-of). (Virtual. 3 hours)

The Biology you barely remember

PARENTS: Better assist your middle-school and high school student in the major themes and concepts of biology. Walk away with bio lingo like mitosis, meiosis, eukaryotes, citric cycle, and cellular respiration like a boss! (Virtual. 3 hours)

Launching your emerging adult

PARENTS: Avoid the struggle and cost that comes with “failure to launch.” Help your emerging adult become confidently independent faster, with less debt, and with more wisdom. This practical approach has five-star reviews on Amazon and has helped hundreds of parents of emerging adults across all 50 states and nine other countries. (Virtual. 3 hours)

Build a better resume

PROFESSIONAL Get noticed. Move your resume to the top of the pile with hiring managers. Get impactful insights from a former Fortune 500 business leader. Appropriate for entry-level through middle-management. (Virtual. 3 hours)

Land the job

PROFESSIONAL: Practice interview skills from a former Fortune 500 leader with extensive experience in screening and hiring all levels for small and large businesses. Instructor experience includes hiring of staff from general labor, administrative support, front-line supervisors, professional staff and executive management. Land that job! (ICTC campus. 3 hours)

Build your own YouTube channel

ANYONE: This highly hands-on course allows a student to begin from scratch a new personal (or business-related) YouTube channel with rudimentary skills to maintain the channel going forward. The class introduces but does not include methods of monetizing the site. (ICTC campus. 9 hours)