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Transitioning Back to an Industry Role

About John Honeycutt

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School email [email protected] included here for Spotify and Record Union.

I’m writing this page about myself for you to browse. Rather than writing it in third-person – I’d like you to know that it’s me typing this out. I have a heart for helping others. An ideal next employer will be a for-profit enterprise with a not-for-profit soul.

Currently, I am a teacher-educator. I am looking to transition from teaching to an industry role. My resume and CV are attached to this page. If you have a suggestion of someone I should discuss, please share it with them. Thank you!




Strengths-Based Approach for At-Risk Youth

WORKING WITH YOUTH. Dr. Keven Powell introduced me to a strength-based approach (SBA). He and I worked together at a youth services center in Colorado. As a public educator for the last seven years, I have incorporated SBA into my teaching style.

Technology Productivity

USING TECHNOLOGY. My master’s degree is in technology. I have been a technical person in years past – writing COBOL in the olden days! lol. I do not program anymore. I have led some complex technology projects since then. I am an advocate of tech when it makes sense. My math, science, and business classes use technology daily.

Math and Statistics

SPSS: I have always appreciated math. Recently though, I have had a renewed interest in statistics. I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology requiring extensive use of an IBM statistic package. I have been an astute data analyst with Excel for years. I am enjoying learning more sophisticated ways to use SPSS.

Natural Sciences

A LAB: My first degree is in geology. That was a smart choice for me in my early 20s. My first professional job was in a laboratory as a petrophysicist. I still draw from that experience in how I approach work – business, marketing, and consulting. Also, I have taught chemistry, biology, physical science, and earth science to high schoolers.


Launching Emerging Adult Better

IDEAS THAT WORK: I wrote a self-published book quite some time ago … College Contract. I also had a free website with free downloads. People from all fifty states and several countries used those ideas with their own emerging adult children. I still have a desire to help other young adults have a better shot at aging into adulthood.

Build a better resume

MY RESUME: If you know of a company that might find value in what I offer, please send them here – or send a copy of my resume and CV to them. As of this moment, there is no urgency in finding a new spot to land – but, I am actively searching.

Organizational Change Management

MY BRAND: A vast majority of my experience has been as a management consultant. Usually, this has been involved with human capital work. The list is long. I’m strong with organizational design, change communication, executive alignment, instructional design and training, facilitation, leadership development, and job definitions.

My YouTube channel For Fun

EVERYONE My middle-school math students like knowing I have my own YouTube channel. I am proud of some of the content. I’ve used these short videos in my classroom. Mostly though, my students like knowing I have this – I even have followers – not many – but, still.


Things I am Proud of

AN IDEA COMES TO LIFE. One event I am proud of, I call the Aspirations of Courage Tour. My wife, Jennifer, and I came up with the idea one night when taking a walk. The end of the story is that an entire (small) school rode a bus from Dallas to Colorado. Most of the teen students had never been out of the Dallas area before. Getting to see them experience hiking in the mountains was a wonderful moment. In all, about fifty people and organizations contributed to help make it happen – through their time, talent, and treasure.



OUR FAMILY. The expression “family” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. For many of us, “family” is about connecting with others due to birth, marriage, residence, or kinship. Regardless of one’s specific definition of family, being associated with others is fundamental. My decisions, actions, and beliefs are frequently influenced by considering the implications to family – my family and other families.


BUSINESS EXPERIENCES. I have been an entrepreneur. I’m proud of these experiences and often share some insights I am blessed to have during this time with others in their current pursuits.

My Plan

A TRANSITION. Teaching young people is truly rewarding in so many ways. These successes are seemingly small sometimes – but they are huge to a teacher. One of my students considers herself worthy now. She didn’t before. Another actually enjoys math. Another started reading at grade level from my science class. Several have been inspired to celebrate kindness to other people in their day-to-day living. Sometimes teachers don’t even know who’s lives have been touched in positive ways. But, I know it happens a lot.

It is time for me to return to an industry role. My students like me and learn a lot in my classroom. I also like helping them become the best version of themselves. Still, I am ready to transition back.

Low pay compared to the education required and responsibilities shouldered in public education are very real issues. I find no shame in saying this. I have knowingly taught in spite of the low pay. That said, I’ve held non-teaching roles and am aware of the differences. I have had a great run teaching. It is time for me to complete my career on another path.

I hope to contribute to my future employer’s revenue success – but also toward things that provide value to a greater good in some way. I truly hope that role exists.

Please share these documents or links with people you think might be interested in a discussion.

2022-07-18 John Honeycutt CV for Indeed

2022-07-18 One Page Resume for Indeed

Some Other Facts

My first business started in high school. My rock/pop band played for dances and other events – this helped me pay for college.

  • In 2008, I founded a consulting firm. As CEO of my small business (Xbig6), we topped the $1 million mark in 2014 for the first time and helped employ dozens of good people with good jobs.
  • Separately, I led a five-state division of a Fortune 500 company. My staff and I led 1,200+ good people in 68 locations generating $225 million in revenue.


AWESOME PARTNER, SPOUSE, AND BEST FRIEND  – Jennifer earned her advanced degree in psychology from Houston Baptist University. She presently provides professional services near our home in Sallisaw, OK. Before our relocation, she served the greater Greeley (CO) area as a North Range Behavioral Health consultant (LPC). Previously, she taught high school math and served as a special education teacher in Title I schools (inner-city) for sixteen years. We met and married while I was a single parent with full-time responsibility for my two children. Just recently, we celebrated our 17th anniversary.


AUTHOR – I’ve written and self-published about twenty books. One of them helped raise scholarship money for a second-chance, inner-city high school. Pictured here with me is Eric. He recommitted himself to education. He received a small scholarship from the fund, then continued at a community college. Eric was one of the chaperone-counselors during the “Aspirations of Courage Tour” from South Dallas to Greeley (2015).


More about Statistics, Analysis, and Research

I love math. I always have. If there is a role I could add value – using math or statistics, I would like to discuss that with you or your suggested person. I am learning SPSS right now in my college classes. As of this moment, I have downloaded R, but I have not yet tried it. But here is my formal familiarity with statistics:

  • Elementary Statistics w/ HP programable (WSU 370) 1980
  • Probability w/ HP programable (WSU 661) 1982
  • Non-Parametric Statistics w/ HP (WSU 576) 1983
  • Statistical Information Systems w/ Excel (HBU 632) 1987
  • Research Methods and Statistics I w/ SPSS (Liberty 510) 2022
  • Research Methods and Statistics II w/ SPSS (Liberty 515) 2022
  • Test Construction/Validation w/ SPSS (Liberty 545) 2022

Curriculum and Educator Credentials

EDUCATOR – Presently, I serve as a middle school math teacher. Before this, I was the only high school science teacher in Oklahoma’s small (rural) school district. I taught physical science, biology, earth sciences, and chemistry there. I’m certified to teach each of these as well as middle school science, all levels of math (middle and high school), and marketing. I have previously been certified to teach math at middle and high school levels in the State of Colorado (expired October 2017). Before becoming a full-time teacher, I substitute taught in Greeley-Evans School District 6 several times monthly.

In 2020, I served on a committee for Oklahoma as an Earth Science Passing Test Evaluator. This study was to establish/validate the state test exam for high school instructors seeking Earth science credentials.

(Visit HoneycuttScience.com and Honeycutt.biz)

(Visit my YouTube Channel)

ADULT LEARNING – I developed and deployed dozens of large-scale adult training initiatives for clients, including global organizations, large domestic companies, and two of the largest organizations in Mexico (FEMSA & PEMEX).

HIGHER EDUCATION – Xbig6 collaborated on a three-year initiative with Lehigh University (PA) and Pittsburgh State University (PA) on the federally funded SmartGrid Engineering initiative (FOA-152). 2010-2013.

2014-08-31 UNC Students in Greeley

STEM EDUCATION – Frustrated with some of the difficulties and decreased interest in the sciences, I founded and established an elementary-targeted initiative for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in 2011. This series of books and supplemental material introduces elementary children to the sciences through compelling stories and high illustrations. These have been tested as teacher tools in multiple school districts across the US. Home School parents seem to appreciate the material also.

2014-06-14 Students with Crazy Kinetics books


COMMUNITY – Jennifer and I established a scholarship fund for inner-city youth in 2008. It has subsequently raised tens of thousands of dollars. We raised funds to bring high school youth from Dallas to Greeley (September 2015). A bus load of students completed a joint project with our Weld County Youth (AmeriCorp) on the Poudre River Trail. We also spearheaded a project focused on Greeley’s homeless population.

Education Advocacy




OTHER – Basketball is my favorite sport. I’ve coached twelve (12) youth teams – girls and boys. Sports are a fun way to connect with young people – even when they pretend I can dribble.





Lauren – Petroleum Engineer … “I consider Mr. Honeycutt not only one of the best mentors I have encountered throughout my career, but also one of the most kind-hearted and genuine people I have met.

Daniel – VP Fortune 500 … “John Honeycutt was a mentor of mine … I highly recommend John for anything he is pursuing and count myself as fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Kristi – High School Principal … “I have known John for the past seven years. Most of our students are the first in their families to graduate from high school … John’s dedication to students such as ours puts him in a category all by himself. We are very thankful to him and the way he follows his passion with commitment and long-term relationships.