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I’m writing this page about myself for you to browse.  Rather than writing it in third-person – I’d like for you to know that it’s me typing this out.

Currently, I am a teacher-educator. I am also a family man, and man of faith.  Previously, I’ve worked as a business person and a scientist.

I have a passion toward education, and conviction toward being helpful to others. Each of us could probably list dozens of things that we are – and that we do – and I’ll include those other things also.  But the main things I’d like for you to know about me are these things.

2015-09-23 Estes Park (Honeycutt)

FAITH.  My faith has been a large influence on my life since childhood.  While my parents are now passed away, the way they lived their lives and taught me and my sister had a profound impact on my thinking.

My favorite memories of dad are how he treated others – especially those who were struggling.  He frequently helped others silently – often without the person’s direct knowledge that the kindness came from him.  My hope is that one day others will recall something similar from my life.

My favorite memories of mom are how she lifted others up, and always seemed to focus on the positive – even during adversity. She had a knack for finding the good in all situations.


FAMILY.  The expression “family” doesn’t mean the same thing to all of us.  For many of us “family” is about connection with others due to birth, marriage, residence, or kinship – or some combination of these.  Regardless of one’s specific definition of family, though – being connected with others is fundamental.  My decisions, actions and beliefs are frequently influenced by considering the implications to family – my family, and other families.

TEACHING. Presently, I teach middle school math in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

I so very much enjoy my job, colleagues, leaders, students, and parents. Previously, I have also taught high school mathematics, business/marketing, physical science, Earth science, biology, and chemistry.

BUSINESS.  I have been an entrepreneur. I have also been a leader in big companies (Fortune 500 companies). I have a BS in geology, an MS in management and computers, and advanced credentials in industrial and human relations. (Wichita State, Houston Baptist, and Cornell – respectively). I’m proud of these experiences and often share some of the insights I was blessed to have during this time … with others in their current pursuits.

(2021-04-31 John Honeycutt CV)

My first business started in high school.  My rock/pop band played for dances and other events – this helped me pay for college.

  • In 2008, I founded a consulting firm. As CEO of my small business (Xbig6) we topped the $1 million mark in 2014 for the first time and helped employ dozens of good people with good jobs.
  • Separately, I led a five-state division of a Fortune 500 company.  My staff and I led 1,200+ good people in 68 locations generating $225 million in revenue.

SPOUSE – Jennifer earned her advanced degree in psychology from Houston Baptist University.  She presently provides professional services near our home in Sallisaw, OK.  Prior to our relocation, she served the greater Greeley (CO) area as a behavioral health consultant (LPC) at North Range Behavioral Health.  Previously, she taught high school math and served as a special education teacher in Title I schools (inner-city) for sixteen years.  We met and married while I was a single-parent with full-time responsibility for my two children.  July 2018 marks our 13th anniversary.


AUTHOR – I’ve written and self-published about twenty books. One of them helped raise scholarship money for a second-chance, inner-city high school.  Pictured here with me is Eric.  He recommitted himself to education.  He received a small small scholarship from the fund, then continued at a community college. Eric was one of the chaperone-counselors during the “Aspirations of Courage Tour” from South Dallas to Greeley (2015).


TECHNOLOGY – I’m a former Partner with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and Director of their Southwest Region Solutions practice (Dallas-Houston-Denver offices).  I founded Xbig6 in 2008, providing management consulting and information technology services to its clients.

EDUCATOR – Presently, I serve as a middle school math teacher. Prior to this, I was the only high school science teacher in a small (rural) school district in Oklahoma. There, I taught physical science, biology, earth sciences, and chemistry. I’m certified to teach each of these as well as middle school science and all levels of math (middle and high school), along with marketing. I have previously been certified to teach math at middle and high school levels in the State of Colorado (expired October 2017).  Prior to becoming a full-time teacher, I substitute taught in Greeley-Evans School District 6 several times each month.

In 2020, I served on a committee for Oklahoma as an Earth Science Passing Test Evaluator.  This was to establish/validate the state test exam for high school instructors seeking Earth science credentials.

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ADULT LEARNING – I developed and deployed dozens of large-scale adult training initiatives for clients including global organizations, large domestic companies, and two of the largest organizations in Mexico (FEMSA & PEMEX).

HIGHER EDUCATION – Xbig6 collaborated on a three-year initiative with Lehigh University (PA) and Pittsburgh State University (PA) on federally funded SmartGrid Engineering initiative (FOA-152).  2010-2013.

2014-08-31 UNC Students in Greeley

STEM EDUCATION – Frustrated with some of the difficulties and decreased interest in the sciences, I founded and established an elementary-targeted initiative for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in 2011.  Through compelling stories and high illustration, this series of books and supplemental material introduces elementary children into the sciences.  These have been tested as teacher-tools in multiple school districts across the US.  Home School parents seem to appreciate the material also.

2014-06-14 Students with Crazy Kinetics books

COMMUNITY – Jennifer and I established a scholarship fund for inner-city youth in 2008.  It has subsequently raised tens of thousands of dollars.  We raised funds to bring high school youth from Dallas to Greeley (September 2015).  A bus-load of students completed a joint project with our own Weld County Youth (AmeriCorp) on the Poudre River Trail. We also spearheaded a project focused on Greeley’s homeless population.

Education Advocacy

Aspirations of Courage Tour

STATE – During 2016-2016, I served on the Colorado State Board of Registered Psychotherapists through an appointment by Governor John Hickenlooper.

LOCAL – Previously, I have served as a management consultant to several large municipalities including County of San Diego (CA), Dallas County Juvenile Probation (TX), and Wichita County (TX).

FEDERAL – 2016 marked a decade of speaking to national energy forums (AGA and EEI) on human capital and emerging trend topics. The American Gas Association (AGA) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) are non-profit organizations based in Washington, D. C.  I was a key member of advisers in a project for TVA.  Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is a federally owned corporation created by congressional charter to provide navigation, flood control, electricity generation, and economic development.

John Honeycutt vs Dave Young

ENERGY – I have frequently been enlisted as a subject matter expert and independent adviser to companies, investors, and individuals regarding oil & gas, electric power and utilities, and alternative energy.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY – As a consultant with Deloitte, served as a core-team member of Deloitte‘s US alternative energy team, and led the bio-fuel segment.  As CEO of Xbig6, led our collaborative efforts with Lehigh University in a 3-year Smartgrid Engineering initiative funded by Department of Energy.

ELECTRIC / GAS – As a leader in a major utility (TXU/Oncor),  I served multiple client organizations as consultant within the sector including TVA/DOE, and several fleet-merchant generation companies.  I’ve been a frequent speaker for Washington, D.C. based AGA and EEI (2006-2016).

OIL & GAS – My undergraduate degree is in Geology and I worked as a petrophysicist.  Later, I led a five state region for a Fortune 500 oilfield services firm.  As consultant, I’ve served three (3) of the four (4) largest global oilfield services firms.  Also as a consultant, I have served dozens of small/independent producers, large integrated oil companies, and national oil companies.

2016-05-11 jah At Well Location

OTHER – Basketball is my favorite sport.  I’ve coached twelve (12) youth teams over the years – girls and boys.  Sports are a fun way to connect with young people – even when they just pretend I can dribble.


Find several web links about my background, experiences, and ideas on this page (John Honeycutt on the web).


Lauren – Petroleum Engineer … “I consider Mr. Honeycutt not only one of the best mentors I have encountered throughout my career, but also one of the most kind-hearted and genuine people I have met.

Daniel – VP Fortune 500 … “John Honeycutt was a mentor of mine … I highly recommend John for anything he is pursuing and count myself as fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Kristi – High School Principal … “I have had the privilege of knowing John for the past 7 years. Most of our students are the first in their families to graduate from high school … John’s dedication to students such as ours puts him in a category all by himself. We are so very thankful to him and to the way he follows his passion with commitment and long-term relationships.