Business Professional

Business Professional

This page last updated 2018-01-25.

I’m deeply appreciative to those who have taught me through formal, academic settings – as mentors on-the-job – and also informally as friends and others.  I recognize that I have have been fortunate to be afforded a great many teachers and mentors through the years, including many from my youth.  To each of you – thank you.  I am indebted.

The companies and dates below represent a portion of my CV.  For those interested in the chronology of my work record, this page serves that purpose.  Not all companies still exist – or they exist in a different form than they did at the time of my employment.  Even so, I’ve included links to those organization which do still exist, even if subsequently acquired or significantly altered since that time.

CoreLab/Western Geophysical (Dec 1983–Jun 1986)
Petrophysicist. Tested rock samples in laboratory environment under in-situ conditions. (link)

Genuine Automotive Parts/NAPA (Jul 1986–May 1987)
Computer Technician. Supported 60 retail NAPA stores in Texas with POS technology. (link)

Jordan & Associates (Jun 1987–Sept 1989)
Project Manager. Led programming, testing and implementation of county government systems.

Andersen Consulting (Arthur Andersen) (Sept 1989–Jun 1994)
Senior Consultant. Provided professional services to oil & gas clients and other industries. (link)

CSC Consulting (Jun 1994–Jun 2001)
Solutions Practice Director. Led 3 state area in Oracle financial systems and supply chain. (link)

TXU Energy/Capgemini Energy (Oct 2001–May 2005)
Senior Manager. Led Industrial B2B web development. Led change management efforts. (link)

Viscern/Ketchum (April 2005–Aug 2006)
Marketing Operations Director. Non-profit and education development marketing processes. (link)

Deloitte Consulting (Aug 2006-Jun 2008)
Senior Manager, Human Capital. Led human capital consulting services in South Region. (link)

Key Energy Services (Oct 2008–Jul 2013)
Senior Director. Led five-state area for oilfield services. Led corporate M&A and marketing. (link)

Xbig6 (Jul 2008–present)
Founder/CEO. Delivered $50M measurable value to clients. Generated $1.5M revenue to-date. (link)

Greeley-Evans District 6 (PVYSC), CO (Jul 2016–July 2017)
HS/MS math and marketing teacher. Taught 400+  detained and committed youth (combined). (link)

Keota Public School District, OK (August 2017-present)
HS science (physical science, biology, earth science, chemistry). (link)