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For your interest, the “top-10” demographic groups residing in District 50 are listed here, along with an additional seven … which as a whole, over 95% of the residents in our District would “belong” to one of the seventeen groups listed.  All remaining households would belong to a group under-represented in our district (they are listed at the bottom of this page).

Family Landscapes – generally married couples with high percentage of newer home ownership.

GenXurban – generally married couples owning an older home.

Ethnic Enclaves – primarily married couples, diverse heritage with school aged children at home

Middle Ground – approximately equal mix of married, divorced and middle-income single adults

Senior Styles – generally, older adults living in multi-resident structures

  • Retirement Communities

Rustic Outposts – often includes families living at or below the national poverty line

Midtown Singles – Adult singles often working in the services or retail industries.

Next Wave – Married couples with children in public schools, often working in services or construction.

NeWest Residents (La Familia Telemundo)

Scholars and Patriots – Generally younger adults exploring advanced education or military services.

Groups not currently represented in a significant way in District 50

Likely, there are at several dozen households which might best “belong” to a Tapestry group omitted from this web site.  My intention has been to “speak-to” each person visiting this site in a reasonably, personal way.  If you and your household better fit into one of these “groups” listed below, then I’ve failed to directly “speak to you” on one of my pages.  I’d be happy to ACTUALLY speak with you at a mutually convenient time/place.  You may reach me through information provided on the contact page.

Thank you. John.

Boomburbs; City Commons ; City Lights; City Strivers ; Diners & Miners; Downtown Melting Pot; Emerald City; Enterprising Professional; Exurbanites; Family Foundations ; Fresh Ambitions ; Golden Years ; Green Acres; Heartland Communities; High Rise Renters; In Style; International Marketplace ; Laptops and Lattes; Las Casas ; Metro Renters; Midlife Constants; Military Proximity ; Modest Income Homes; Old and Newcomers; Pacific Heights; Pleasantville; Prairie Living; Professional Pride; Rooted Rural ; Rural Bypasses ; Rural Resort Dwellers; Rustbelt Traditions; Salt of the Earth; Savvy Suburbanites; Senior Escapes ; Set to Impress; Silver & Gold; Small Town Simplicity; Social Security Set; Southern Satellites ; Southwestern Families; The Elders ; The Great Outdoors; Top Tier; Traditional Living ; Trendsetters; Urban Chic; Urban Villages; Valley Growers; Young and Restless. (See Disclaimer).