-Empty Nesters

Baby Boomer Empty Nesters

Thank you for taking time to browse this web-site.  This page is written for people 50+ years old or older who live in District 50 and have grown (or,nearly grown) children.

2016-05-21 Tapestry Boomers

Nationally, people who are part of this large, growing segment are mid-fifties or more, and live in the suburbs (possibly even where they grew up). Most are professionals working in government, health care, or manufacturing. These Baby Boomers are earning a comfortable living and benefi tting from years of prudent investing and saving.

  • Married couples, some with children, but most without
  • Average household size slightly lower than the national average (at 2.5)
  • Found throughout the suburbs and small towns of metropolitan areas, where most residents own and live in single-family detached homes
  • Households generally have one or two vehicles.
  • Education: 34% college graduates; nearly 66% with some college education.
  • Compared to national average, low unemployment and about average in labor force participation
  • Typically, this group prefers eating at home instead of dining out
    Home maintenance tends to be a priority among these homeowners


Of the 75,000 people living in District 50, I would best fit as a person belonging to this group.  I have things in common with the other groups also – but a marketing person would label me as a “baby-boomer empty-nester.”  My hope is that I can win this upcoming election and represent all the good people in our district well, including those who have differing views from me.

The incumbent is Dave Young.  He is a good person – I just disagree with him.  He has held the seat for several years.  In Colorado, there is a 90% win rate of incumbents for the Colorado House.  Dave had over $24,500 raised before the primaries even took place.  As of this moment (May 24, 2016), I have less than $200 raised.  The probability of winning is low – yet I feel compelled to try.

As a father, grandfather, businessman, Christian, and energy expert – I disagree with Representative young in some key areas.  In short, my platform is:

  • pro-oil
  • pro-gun
  • pro-life

My preferences are:

  • less government and regulation
  • small business advocacy
  • law enforcement advocacy

My contact information is listed on this site.  I’d be honored to share a cup of coffee with you individually or in a group (large or small).

Thank you.



2016 News: John Honeycutt (Republican) is running against incumbent Dave Young (Democrat) for Colorado State House of Representatives District 50 including portions of Greeley, Garden City, and Evans, CO.