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Down the Road Families

“Down the Road” families include a mix of semi-rural neighborhoods in bigger towns like Greeley and Evans; Many families in our area might identify with some of the descriptions on this page.

Many live in mobile homes while others live in single-family homes. Nationally, these tend to be younger, diverse communities.  If you and your family are in this group of neighbors, there are probably some customs or traditions you learned from your elders that you teach your children.

Jobs held by others similar to you are often in, retail, manufacturing, and construction – but also agriculture and oil & gas. Right now, this group of families are facing higher unemployment than other groups in District 50.  From 20-30% of families described on this page are living at or below poverty level.

2016-05-21 Tapestry down the road


While everyone is unique, this is my current understanding of many people living in District 50 who are similar to you:

  • You put a premium on convenience – including trips to convenience stores
  • You probably maintain your own vehicle to save on the cost of a newer car or truck
  • You and your family enjoy fishing and sometimes hunting
  • Every once in a while, it’s probably fun to purchase a lottery ticket or two
  • You’re probably good at using your home computer

If this description sounds like you, you might be interested to know that Marketing Firms describe groups similar to yours as “Down the Road Families.”  That is one of about fifty categories a lot of marketing professional use when trying to figure out how to sell something to you.  I suppose that is my intention also – to “sell you” on who I am and what I represent. I would like your vote – of course.


You and I have a few things in common – but those things might not be initially apparent.  Three things come to mind:

  1. Pro-gun. I dislike all the extra attempts for more regulations around firearms.  I grew up in Kansas where many of us learned to hunt and fish at a very early age. Often, a treasured rifle or other firearm is passed down from one generation to the next.  I support the Second Amendment of our Constitution.
  2. Family Traditions. I was married to my children’s mother for fifteen years – then I was a single parent with primary responsibility for them until I married Jennifer.  My adult children have relatives in Argentina on their mother’s side.  I’m glad they appreciate those family ties – and also the traditions from my side of the family.  Most of the elders in my family worked and struggled to make things better for the next generation.  I’m proud of being in that lineage.
  3. Hard Work. I believe in working hard, getting ahead, and being recognized for that effort. Even though I’m not very patient sometimes, I do realize that most things don’t just come to you – you have to go get it.

I recognize this short list doesn’t represent everything about you and me.  But, you may not have had a chance to hear these – so I hope the short list is meaningful to you a little.  Thanks for reading it.


As a candidate, I describe myself as fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

The “fiscal conservative” part of this means I usually do not like big government programs, and I generally prefer less regulation of business – on the fiscal side of things, I usually side with Republicans.

The “socially moderate” part of this statement means that I sometimes agree with Republicans, and other times I agree with Democrats.  Topics like equality and some aspects of healthcare fall into the “social” category.

  • I advocate state’s rights to counter-balance federal over-reach and over regulation
  • I advocate balanced budgets for governments (federal, state, and local)
  • I advocate for good education (high quality, and equal access)
  • I am pro-oil, pro-gun, and pro-life


Some other things about me include:

  • I used to play professionally as a musician (guitar, keyboards, sing)
  • I play left-handed on my guitar
  • I’ve started several small businesses
  • I’ve written thirteen books
  • I grew up in Derby, Kansas
  • My education is in geology, management, and industrial relations
  • I attend the Vineyard church downtown Greeley
  • I am a substitute teacher for Greeley-Evans school district 6
  • Jennifer and I have a dog named Shadow
  • We live east of the railroad tracks near downtown Greeley
  • 1908-Our house was built in 1908
  • 2008-My Jeep Grand Cherokee is a 2008 and has over 200,000 miles on it
  • I’m a registered psychotherapist , and am on the Colorado State Board
  • I’m frequently wearing FRs, steel-toes, hard hat
  • I’m an amateur magician
  • Sometimes I watch several episodes in a row of a Netflix series
  • My favorite actor is Bruce Willis
  • The most I’ve ever scored on a lottery ticket is $10


I truly would appreciate your vote in November.  I recognize that this short web page can’t realistically “earn” your vote.  But, thank you for taking time to get to know me a little.  I’d be happy to receive your email, meet in person, or speak to a group of others.  And – thank you for being my neighbor.


Read more about District 50.  You can find out more about my background and personal life on this site. I would be pleased to speak with you or exchange ideas.  Find my contact information on this site.


John Honeycutt vs Dave Young
Vote John Honeycutt in November

2016 News: John Honeycutt (Republican) is running against incumbent Dave Young (Democrat) for Colorado State House of Representatives District 50 including portions of Greeley, Garden City, and Evans, CO.