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UNC Students

First I want to congratulate you on continuing your education, and encourage you to complete your degree.  You and your peers are the most likely group to look at my site – and explore through things.  Thank you for doing so.

2016-05-21 Tapestry UNC Students

The short version is this: I am running as a Republican for Colorado State Representative District 50.  The incumbent is Dave Young.  He is a good man.  He and I don’t know each other, except we do have mutual friends.  Some of those friends will vote for Dave.  Some will vote for me.  Dave and I disagree on a few things, and that’s why I’m running.

UPDATE 2016-12-19.  The contest is now over.  I’m keeping this site up for the time-being none-the-less.  UNC Students (especially) – I’d like to invite you to join us at the Kress downtown on Saturday December 31 at noon.  We will be showing (Free of charge – Public event) three short films created by our son, James.  All three have English subtitles.  The first in French.  The second Macedonian.  And the recent-most in Japanese.  Here is the flyer.  Hope you can make it.  – John.



SIMILARITIES between Dave and me

  • TEACHERS: He used to be a teacher.  I currently teach math, business and marketing in district 6.  Previously I was a substitute teacher in Greeley-Evans school district.
  • COLLEGE: We both have a master’s degree.
  • SPOUSES: Our spouses also have advanced degrees – in psychology
  • TECH: He has dealt with technology.  I was a partner in a large technology firm, and founded one.
  • STATE GOVERNMENT: He is a State Representative.  I serve on a State Board.
  • COMMUNITY: He has done good community service things.  I believe I have done this also.
  • SOLAR: We both have solar installed on our roof-tops.
  • MUSIC: Probably, he has appreciated Frank Sinatra music in the past.  I have – and I still do.
  • STALKING: He has been to my house and was invited inside.  I’ve been by his house, but not yet been inside.

CONTRASTS between Dave and me

  • RESIDENCY. He’s lived in Greeley for a few decades.  Jen and I also live in Greeley – but only for a few years.
  • LEGISLATION. He has sponsored and co-sponsored several legislative Bills.  I’ve not done this (yet).
  • BUSINESS. To my knowledge, he has never started or launched a business.  I have done this several times. I believe Dave is well-intended on his ideas impacting business.  But, from my perspective as a business owner, and a business leader – at times his ideas are actually harmful to business rather than helpful.
  • GOVT vs FREE ENTERPRISE: Comparatively, he leans toward being “pro-government” in contrast to my positions which are pro-business. He tends to vote for more regulation. I seek less regulation and more freedom for businesses and their workers.
  • LIFE: He voted that if a fetus dies due to the murder of its mother, it should not be considered a double-murder, even if the child is almost ready to be born.  To me, this would be a double-homicide. I get it, and understand why he voted this way – but his vote on this seems to have been out of political correctness.  If it was to be politically correct, that bothers me.  If it is truly what he believes, that bothers me even more.
  • ENERGY:  To my knowledge, he has never worked in the energy sector.  I have significant experience with alternative energy, the utility sector, and oil & gas.  I know this industry well – what’s true and what’s not true. I am frequently called-upon by individuals, investors, companies, and national organizations for my expertise in energy. 
  • HEALTHCARE: To my knowledge, Dave has never directly been part of the healthcare sector.  I am partnered with a practicing neurologist in one of my businesses.  I’m an active advocate of cannabis as medicine and other naturopathic methods.  Our company directly helps people with intractable seizure disorders and related conditions.
  • JOBS: He has helped UNC students find jobs.  So have I – plus I have hired UNC graduates and paid them well.
  • ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: He seems like someone that would take the cat.  I’d take the dog, definitely.
  • BLING: From what I can tell, he is a snazzier dresser than I am.  I know that I’m kind of a dorky dresser a lot of the time.


If we made a list of similarities and differences between you and me – or, differences between you and Dave – the list would probably be pretty long.  But I recall being your age, and my children are in their mid-twenties – so I have a reasonable understanding (I think) of what might be important to you.  I’m sure Dave does also. But, here are some things on the web – describing you and your peers:

Many like you are on your own for the first time.  Marketing professionals sometimes use the expression “Dorms to Diplomas” to describe your group (it’s one of about fifty different demographics sometimes used by marketing professionals).  Often, those like you are just beginning to learn about finance, laundry, cooking, and generally taking care of yourself. Frozen dinners and fast food are common options (perhaps obviously). I wish it were not true, but many like you are carrying a sizable balance on a credit card or two.

School and part-time work typically take up most of your day with the rest filled up with some socializing and having fun with friends. Your generation is really good at being inclusive with a lot people from different backgrounds.  You probably appreciate “life lessons” both inside and outside of the classroom. Your generation has had a lifelong use of computers, the Internet, cell phones, and other technology.

Assuming this is close to correct, I’ve got two challenges for you …


REGULATION:  Here’s something you should research:  Would the Internet, cell phones, cable, GPS, etc … exist today if AT&T and the “Baby Bells” were still regulated as a legal monopoly?

By researching the history of phones and related technology, you’ll discover some pros and cons about government regulation versus the free-market. (Hint: the right answer is the “free-market” rocks).

SCIENCE:  Here’s another thing you should research:  Is science ever really “fixed?”  A current and important topic is “Climate Change.”  Traditional thinking is to reduce the carbon footprint of industry and humans.  Might there be a different way to accomplish this?

I specifically recall in my college text books which referenced the natural gas in the Marcellus Shale as unrecoverable – impossible to get out of the ground.  All scientists at that time agreed.  Dave was a science teacher in the 70’s and 80’s – he may have taught this to his students, peers of your parents. The science fact was “fixed and irrefutable.” …. But …. then through an innovation, the “absolute irrefutable truth” was proven false.  A big reason why our carbon footprint keeps getting better is because of this innovation.  We’ve replaced carbon-intense coal-fired electric power with with power generated from natural gas.

Related suggestion: Research GHG outputs and impacts of aluminum. Explore how much aluminum is required to manufacture a commercial wind generator (hint, just less than 1% of total material by weight). Identify the country where most of this aluminum is derived – and that country’s attention toward the subject of GHG.  Then do the same for stainless steel, concrete, fiberglass, copper, cast iron, and rare earth materials (each of these being a crucial component in the manufacture of generators). Begin thinking in terms of the entire value-chain rather than just once the generator is standing in-place. In doing this, you’ll discover a few insights not typically considered by the general population, the media, and possibly not even by some of your good professors.

1960’s. Within many of your parents and grandparents life-time, President Kennedy issued a challenge for man to walk on the moon within a decade of his speech in the early 1960’s.  Many scientists thought it impossible.  Go back in history and find other instances where the smartest, most credentialed scientists in the world agreed on something as fact – and then were shown to be in error.

Today. The science of climate change is the current-most “irrefutable scientific fact.”  Now I agree that we do need to address environmental issues. But as a former physicist – and a realist – I think we can tackle it in many different ways.  The most basic way is for all of us to consume less, recycle more, and acknowledge practical solutions AND innovative ones.  One of my ideas is called an Ozone Blanket™.


If you are interested, feel free to text or email me as listed on the contact page.  I’d prefer an email. I’m in the field often where reception is spotty with text and calls.

Mostly, Thank you.


Read more about District 50.  You can find out more about my background and personal life on this site. I would be pleased to speak with you or exchange ideas.  Find my contact information on this site.

John Honeycutt vs Dave Young
Vote John Honeycutt in November


2016 News: John Honeycutt (Republican) is running against incumbent Dave Young (Democrat) for Colorado State House of Representatives District 50 including portions of Greeley, Garden City, and Evans, CO.