District 50

About District 50 (En español)

The Colorado House of Representatives is made-up 65 elected members.  Each member represents 75,000 people. The Colorado House of Representatives meet at the State Capitol building in Denver.

The districts are numbered starting at 1 through 65.  District 50 is located within Weld County.  It covers the eastern portion of Greeley, all of Garden City, and most of Evans. (See map below).

Map District 50
Colorado House of Representatives District 50

Our district is diverse by almost any measure.  We have a wide range of businesses, a top university, three city-hubs along with the county offices and supporting services.  Our neighbors and neighborhoods have a range of interests and needs, respectively.

Taken as a whole, the median age of residents in District 50 is much lower than the surrounding areas, lower than Weld County in total, and lower than the State of Colorado overall.

Median household income is also lower compared to other areas – much lower in pockets of district 50, including many families living at or below poverty level.

While neighbors throughout our district differ through the dozens of languages spoken, through differences in beliefs and faiths, and in personal viewpoints – we share aspirations toward safety, good jobs, and strength through family and friends.

In many ways, district 50 is an urban enclave having come from a heritage of agriculture and rural sensibilities.  Portions of the district are suburban – while other portions are industrial or with dense clusters of housing.


Per publicly available data, District 50 is comprised of many of dozens of “Tapestry” segments identified in its publications.  The following ten segments represent over 85% of the 75,000 people living in District 50.  Click on the segment that “sounds” most like you and your family.  Thank you.

– John.

 La familia de Telemundo2016-05-21 Tapestry NewWest

 Family Fishing & Fast Food2016-05-21 Tapestry down the road

 Barrios Suburbanos2016-05-21 Tapestry Barrios Urbanos

 Apartment Renters2016-05-21 Tapestry Metro Fusion

 Empty Nesters2016-05-21 Tapestry Boomers

 Parks & Recreation2016-05-21 Tapestry Parks and Rec

 Young Professionals2016-05-21 Tapestry Bright Young Professionals

 Soccer Moms & Dads2016-05-21 Tapestry Socer Moms

 Advancing Families2016-05-21 Tapestry Up and Coming

 UNC Students2016-05-21 Tapestry UNC Students