Parent-Savvy: The Biology you barely remember

Blaze through major biology themes. Three short hours: Cells. Phylogenetic tree. Trophic-levels. Mitosis. Cytokinesis. Cellular respiration. Other.

Virtual. Call for dates & times.



pdf summary of biology class

Upward Bound students loved this

Blaze through major biology themes in three short hours. Intended for parents of high school students. This virtual class is lecture style with highly illustrated slides and explanation.

Honeycutt instructed four cohorts (groups) of college-bound high school students in June 2021 with a near-exact set of content. The Upward Bound program was presented as a live lecture compared to this virtual presentation – receiving exceptionally high marks from those students.

Oklahoma requires biology
Oklahoma standards require high school biology.
Explore Oklahoma standards.

Biology is a required subject for Oklahoma high school students. Healthcare careers need biology. ICTC offers exceptional career training in a variety of healthcare paths. Biology is foundational. This fast class props up biology-chops!

Best suited for:
  • Parents supporting their high school students in the study of natural science
  • Technical and college-bound high school students prepping for ACT and SAT
  • Recent graduates needing a bit more prep prior to upcoming course work

Presentation Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Recognize major concepts required in HS biology 1
  • More confidently assist students with biology studies
  • Renew appreciation for the wonders of life

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