Parent-Savvy: Launching your emerging adult

Accelerate your emerging adult’s  independence and potential. Avoid failure to launch mistakes through practical and proven insights.

Avoid failure to launch of your emerging adult child through this virtual class offered by ICTC.Virtual. Call for dates & times.



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What is failure to launch?

Avoid vailure to launch
Emerging adults resist accountability

Avoid failure to launch mistakes. Life presents challenges. Are you concerned your soon-to-be adult child will “bounce home?” Are you and your spouse be on different pages? How will you deal with your newly-minted adult child? In spite of your best efforts, are you concerned they aren’t prepared for the “real world?” If “yes” – invest three hours in this topic.

Adulthood is coming soon!

Your child is recently an adult or soon to be a legal adult. You have done your best raising them. You provided food, clothes and shelter. They benefited  from your safety, guidance, and support. You gave  encouragement, discipline, and friendship. You managed their healthcare, and other provisions. Letting go can sometimes be hard. If you anticipate this to be difficult for you, enroll.

A lot of different reasons

Other life circumstances can result in under-prepared young people. A range of reasons might be in-play. Coddling and over-protecting youth can result in an ill-prepared young adult. Youth having been in state’s custody (as another example) are often less-equipped to be fully on their own.

Clear evidence. This works.

These principles equip emerging adults to take on increasing levels of responsibility. Enforce  accountability then allow increased freedom of being a legal adult. This presentation is based on Honeycutt’s well received book “College Contract” (2008). The topic is updated to address new circumstances of 2021.  This applies to parents with children going straight to work, attending tech school, and college.

Clear communication from parents and guardians

Discuss adulthood through authentic dialogue. Prudently navigate the difficult task in “launching” your young adult.  Apply your sound wisdom. Help your emerging adult achieve full adulthood faster. A three-hour investment of time might shave months (or, even years) from this process. You deserve this. Your emerging adult child deserves this.

Best suited for:
  • Parents of an emerging adult likely remain dependent for too long
  • Parents of college-bound, or tech-school bound students
  • Frustrated parents of “unlaunched” young adult children

Presentation Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Recognize an emerging adult
  • Consider the value of clear communication
  • Help your child achieve adulthood faster

Honeycutt's well received book "College Contract" helps parents avoid failure to launch.

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