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Get practical advice for your resume

Six seconds! That’s the average amount of time your resume gets on the first look. That’s it. Really. If it makes the first cut, your future employer will look deeper. Make the 6-second cut AND get the interview.

Get practical advice for your resume. Personal networks are the best way to get noticed. Great resumes are the next best thing.

Build a better resume
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Personal network #1 … Great resume #2
Personal networks for work
Resumes are crucial for most jobs.

The best way to land an interview is through your personal network of trusted friends, former colleagues or a strong acquaintance. A personal recommendation is almost always more powerful than the best written resume. BUT ….

Sometimes, your well constructed resume is the only immediate way of getting a future employer’s attention. Further, even with the recommendation from a friend, you still need a resume to put in front of human resources (HR) and the hiring manager.

Practical wisdom – not theoretical

Honeycutt’s  experiences are pragmatic – not theoretical.  Investing your time doing this may not land you the interview. But, it will greatly increase the odds.

He led a 1,200 person region across five states. In that role he screened and hired dozens of professionals to join in various leadership roles. He has recruited and hired rough necks, Class-A drivers, sales pros, ethical hackers, accounts, and C-suite executives. Get practical advice for your strong resume.

Practical advice. Real results.
First time job seeks through middle management will find value in this virtual class.





Best suited for:
  • Middle managers seeking to “move up” a level or two
  • Supervisors wanting to stand out from others at their current level
  • First candidates needing advice and direction

Presentation Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Quantify your experiences with dollars, impact, span-of-control, etc.
  • Identify meaningful power-verbs describing your accomplishments
  • Find and focus your personal brand –  what sets you apart
Build a great resume in this class.
What will get your resume moved to the top of the stack?