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John Honeycutt is a resident of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. He and his wife, Jennifer, relocated to Sallisaw mid-2017 to be nearer family members. Prior to this, they were residents of Greeley, Colorado beginning in 2013.  They have two grown children, two teenagers, two granddaughters and a grandson.

John is an entrepreneur, author, and education advocate.  While in Colorado, he served the State of Colorado through an appointment by the Governor on the Colorado State Board of Registered Psychotherapists, practicing in Greeley, Garden City, and Evans. He resigned the post in 2017 when relocating to Oklahoma.

He has launched multiple successful businesses as a founder, co-founder, or as a consultant.

His management consulting firm (Xbig6) launched in 2008. The company directly paid 26 employees and contractors in 2014 along with employing experts from subcontracting firms.  In partnership with Dunlap Marketing, Xbig6 helped recruit, screen and place individuals into good jobs in Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado. More information about Xbig6 is summarized in this pdf file..

Xbig6 performed a successful three-year project with Lehigh University and the University of Pittsburg as part of a SmartGrid initiative sponsored by the Department of Energy.   Mr. Honeycutt has been a frequent speaker on energy forums since 2006 – with the American Gas Association (AGA) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI), both non-profit organizations based in Washington, D. C.

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