Our Family

Your hometown has become ours.  (En Español)

Thank you for your beautiful welcome you have given Jennifer and me. Since 2013 we’ve enjoyed watching families celebrate birthdays, children zoom-by on bikes and skateboards, admired students as they learn and transition into young adults, and we’ve been blessed to hear wisdom from long-timers and the elderly.2014-06-14 Number 53

We relocated from Houston, Texas.  Jennifer was raised in Minnesota. I was raised in Kansas.  We met and married near a Dallas suburb.  Our grown children consider Flower Mound, Texas their hometown.

Our grandchildren deeply associate us with our home here – neither being entirely certain if Pops or the house is older.  (Hint: it stands in Greeley’s Sunrise District, built in 1908).

2015-12-03 Corbin and Arianna Christmas 2015

We have two grandchildren.  Our daughter Danielle various times also cares for foster children.  She has recently cared for three in addition to her two.  I’m proud of her for her courage to do this. Danielle is a great mother – and she’s an entrepreneur having launched her own thriving home-based business as a single mom.

Our son, James, completed film school living abroad.  While doing so, he met Kristina.  They presently live in Tokyo after having spent several years together in Paris.  James is a film maker – including having a recent film début at the Kress Cinema – downtown Greeley.  Even with distance between us, we remain close through the magic of technology.  He speaks several languages including French, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.  Kristina is in high fashion.  Her family resides in Macedonia. Kristina and I have collaborated on several business projects together – including one of my favorite initiatives called Hare-Brain Science.007

Our extended family is large – and even sometimes complex.  Both Jennifer and I want to briefly acknowledge our parents here – our siblings – and extended family.  Family, friendships, and community are deeply important to Jennifer and me.

2010-06-14 James Graduation (family)2014-12-25 Family in MN

2016-05-20 Cody and family

2014-06-30 Family at Mt Rushmore


Last, I mention Shadow.  He is a rescue dog.  Because “Jennifer” and “John” are often not distinctive names, we sometimes give our name as “Shadow” for restaurants.  

While Shadow doesn’t know many tricks, he does recognize the words “sit” and “eat” … well mostly “eat.”

2013-09-14 Shadow at the house

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