Honeycutt Classes

WELCOME. Sharpen your knowledge. Sharpen skills. These classes are designed for you. Through the Indian Capital Technology Center (ICTC).Virtual and in-person options (four locations). Schedule your class! Call 918-348-7960.

pdf summary of all 10 classes

G-Suite & Google Classroom

TEACHERS. Are you a paper-person? Less tech-savvy? Join this in-person workshop. Instructor-led. Emphasizes hands-on practice. Walk away confident. Incorporate Google tools into your curriculum. Use G-suite with your instruction style. Classes at ICTC campuses. Nine hours total.

Strengths-based approach for at-risk youth

TEACHERS. Powerful insights. Practical. Based on Dr. Powell’s strength-based approach. Built for educators and youth providers. Counselors. Social workers. Probation officers. Youth leaders. Other adults working with at-risk youth. Class are virtual for 3 hours.

Google tools your children use

PARENTS. Trust but verify. Did your student actually complete their work? What is it with all the technology!!  Google tools are used a lot these days. Get practical, hands-on experience. Instruction by certified teacher. In person at ICTC campuses. 3 hours.

The Algebra you forgot

PARENTS: Eliminate fear of letters. Better assist your algebra student.  Cover major themes and concepts. Surprise yourself. Three hours. That’s it. No homework assigned. We promise! Virtual classes. 3 hours.

The Chemistry you slept through

PARENTS: Oddly fun. This fun course uses easy replacements words for difficult concepts. Learn complicated things easily and fast!  The chemistry class you wish you would have had. Classes are virtual. 3 hours.

The Biology you barely remember

PARENTS: Like a  boss! Better assist your student. Biology’s major themes. Walk away better equipped. Mad skills! Mitosis. Meiosis. Eukaryotes. Citric cycle. Cellular respiration.  Like a boss! Virtual classes. 3 hours.

Launch your emerging adult

PARENTS: Avoid failure to launch. Launch your young adult faster, more confident, with less debt. Real-life success in all 50 states, ten countries. Practical. Less Fortnite, more accountability! Set them up for success without bouncing back home. Virtual. 3 hours. Worth the time.

Build a better resume

JOB SEARCH Get noticed in six seconds. Move your resume to the top of the pile. Get real insights from an expert. Helpful for entry-level workers through middle-management. Virtual classes. 3 hours.

Land the job

JOB SEARCH Get the job you want! Learn three stages of a job search. Learn from an expert. Instructor Advised Fortune 500 companies and startups. Appropriate for first-job candidates through middle management. Land that job! ICTC campus. 3 hours.

Build your own YouTube channel

EVERYONE Be envied. Walk away with your own functioning YouTube channel. Hands-on. Build it from scratch. Personal or business-related.  Gain basic skills to maintain your channel. In-person at ICTC campuses. 9 hours.