Teacher Savvy: Google Tools

Oklahoma teachers use Google tools! Recognize basic concepts. Practice skills in a computer lab. Gain confidence. Adapt new skills to your teaching style and curriculum.

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What are the Oklahoma teacher Google tools?

Many Oklahoma classrooms use Google Tools. These are also called G-suite. The most common tools used are Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

  • Classroom (yes)
  • Drive (yes)
  • Docs (yes)
  • Sheets (yes)
  • Slides (yes)
  • Forms (some)
  • Calendar(some)
  • Meet (some)
  • Sites (some)
  • Gmail (some)
  • YouTube (some)

Is this class hands on?

Computer literacy is important in the classroom.
In an ICTC technology lab Hands-on. With an instructor. 9 total hours.

Yes! Your instructor has a master’s degree in technology. But, also has five years experience using  Oklahoma teacher Google tools. The class is structured as “I do, we do, you do.”

Honeycutt demonstrates the Oklahoma teacher Google tools. Then the class performs skills together. Lastly, you will try them on your own.

Who is this class best suited for?

  • Experienced educators with limited G-suite experience.
  • New teachers without G-suite classroom experience.
  • Less “tech-savvy” educators.

What will you learn in this class?

  • Use G-suite in your classroom.
  • Recognize Google tools available.
  • Enhance your student’s learning.

Learn about the Oklahoma Google teacher tool called Google Classroom.Google Drive.Learn about the Oklahoma Google teacher tool called Google Sheets.Learn about the Oklahoma Google teacher tool called Google Slides.Learn about the Oklahoma Google teacher tool called Google Docs.

What else is important to know?

This workshop is in-person and instructor-led. The format emphasizes hands-on practice. It shows how can you incorporate G-suite into your curriculum and instruction style. This class is good for experienced instructor  who are “less tech savvy” than they would like to be.

In this class you recognize basic concepts then practice new skills in a computer lab environment. You will gain confidence and explore ways to adapt your new skills to your own teaching style and your curriculum. Your instructor has significant, direct classroom experience using G-suite, has completed Google’s certified trainer course, and has a master’s degree in technology.

21st Century Skills in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma department of education advocates 21st Century skills. This class helps teachers more easily achieve these. Thank you for teaching Oklahoma youth! Register now through ICTC!