Parent-Savvy: Google tools

Monitor better. Assist better. Praise more. Google tools are the three-ring binder and spiral notebook from years past. Walk away with basic knowledge and better understanding.

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Trust but verify
Parent-Savvy with Google tools, Trust but verify.
Parents and guardians, come discover more about the way your children are learning.

Parent-Savvy with Google tools. Can you tell if your student actually completed the work? Before it is due? Or, might your creative youth just clicked the “submit work” button? How can parents be participative and helpful to their student with so much emphasis in technology?  Google tools are used extensively in most classrooms these days. Get some practical, hands-on experience from a certified teacher.

The classroom and classwork has changed (obviously)

In years past, students brought home paper worksheets and assignments. Many (if not most) of their classes use significantly less paper these days. You used to be well equipped to review, assist, guide, monitor, and confirm their work. In many ways, technology makes this easier to do – but, if you are unfamiliar with their classroom technology (Google tools, in particular), monitoring and assisting your student might have become more difficult.

Google tools. G-suite.

Parent-Savvy with Google tools! Parents and guardians will find value in this short class. Grandparents and other caretakers can find value in this short course also!

Parent-Savvy with Google tools
Grandparents and other care-takers of students will find value in the short class.

Google tools are used extensively. Your student is already familiar with most of these. And while this short course won’t make you an expert, you will walk away with useful, basic Google-tools skills and a better understanding of how to partner with your student’s instructors in their education.

Best suited for:
  • Parents/caretakers with limited understanding of Google Classroom
  • Parents with students not yet confident using G-Suite tools
  • Less “tech-savvy” parents

Workshop Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Discern actually completed work vs. work appearing completed
  • Recognize what a teacher sees as student work progresses
  • Coach your student with greater confidence

Parent-Savvy with Google tools