Parent Savvy – The algebra you forgot

Prepare to coach your child in algebra. Finally, get what “all those letters” are in algebra!

Because I’m Interested in Exploring Statistics Roles, here are the formal classes I’ve taken:
  • Elementary Statistics w/ HP programable (WSU 370) 1980
  • Probability w/ HP programable (WSU 661) 1982
  • Non-Parametric Statistics w/ HP (WSU 576) 1983
  • Statistical Information Systems w/ Excel (HBU 632) 1987
  • Research Methods and Statistics I w/ SPSS (Liberty 510) 2022
  • Research Methods and Statistics II w/ SPSS (Liberty 515) 2022
  • Test Construction/Validation w/ SPSS (Liberty 545) 2022

But, for YOU … this is a class I’ve built for parents.

You’re a great parent and coach

You encourage your student to do their work. And do it well. You’re a great coach! You partner with their teachers. And you know that sometimes your student needs some additional clarity.

Help your algebra student
Help coach your child in their algebra studies.

In lower grades, you could guide them in math. But, algebra is different. It’s an abstraction of arithmetic. All the variables and functions in algebra are intimidating.  In three short hours, you can gain back your confidence.

You can do this. Really. You never really understood all those letters in math! Ouch! Argh! Peace, my friend. This is a virtual class. No one needs to know you’re doing this. Your pain is real and your secret is safe.

Yep, it’s important

While you know math is important, you’re not certain how to convince your teenager of this. Mostly, your head still spins when there’s a formula with letters in it! How can you help your teen with all this? If that describes you – enroll.

A quick 3 hours
Get clarity on algebra in 3 hours.
Be better prepared to coach your student in algebra.

Help coach your child in algebra without doing it for them. This tightly compressed mini-course thoughtfully starts with basic arithmetic.  Within just 3 short hours you will accelerate through pre-algebra and finally land on two familiar-sounding algebra concepts: Pythagorean Theorem and intro to trigonometry.

Best suited for:
  • Uneasy parents skittish of math with letters in equations
  • Math whizzes from yesteryear that have since totally forgotten it
  • Adults who like to say “Yeah – I remember that. Sup?” to teens

Presentation Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Finally “get-it” about all those letters f(x)=mx+b
  • Know several good (web) places to go for additional support
  • Coach your student to tackle math/algebra with bravado


Example Video from My Channel