The Chemistry you slept through

Chemistry concepts made simple. In three quick virtual hours! Parents, better coach your Mine Craft aficionado in basic chemistry concepts.  Freshmen liberal arts majors, this is for you too.


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For real – in just three hours

Join the call and hear chemistry concepts made simple. You know water is H2O. You think carbon dioxide is CO2. And … you’re fairly certain that copper is made out of copper. If that is the extent of your chemistry knowledge, you’re in the right place!

Yep, it’s important
Chemistry is foundational
Technical school and college-bound students need the foundations of chemistry.

Whether or not your student appreciates science – chemistry is important. It is foundational for many college degrees. It is also important for many technical careers. A grasp of chemistry is crucial for many trade jobs. Examples include cosmetology, OSHA safety inspectors, Hazmat compliance officers, and some manufacturing roles.

Former scientist turned teacher

In the 1980s Honeycutt worked in a lab. He was a petrophysicist. More recently, he has instructed high school students in science.  He uses “teen language” to instruct chemistry. This approach helps weird words and concepts weirdly make sense. (BFF is an ionic bond).

Best suited for:
  • Parents of students going to more schools after graduating
  • Current college students dreading an upcoming chem 101 class
  • Adults who enjoy re-learning for the sake of learning

Presentation Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the meaning of expressions like “ion” and “isotope”
  • Better help a high schooler through physical science or chemistry
  • Recognize major concepts of matter.
  • Describe and understand the Periodic Table
By Offnfopt - Own work, Public Domain,

By Offnfopt – Own work, Public Domain,
Final word

Oddly fun. This fun course makes chemistry concepts simple. It uses easy replacements words for difficult concepts. Invest three hours. You’ll learn complicated chem easily and fast!  This is the chemistry class you wish you had. All classes are virtual. Just 3 hours.