Business Savvy – Land the job!

Land the job you want. Plan your job search or promotion. Prepare ahead of time. Practice. Learn proven ways to increase your chances.

Land the job you want

There are three parts to an interview: before, during, and after. What should you research? How can you make your best impression? How will you follow through afterwards? The answers to these questions depend on several factors. Join the workshop prepared to up your game.

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Plan and practice

What skills and talents do you offer? Probably a lot! Is this a time to change and look forward? How can you best prepare for that career change or promotion? How can you land the job you want?

Plan and practice for your promotion
Plan and practice for your job change and promotion.

Looking for a change in career? Looking for that next promotion? Looking for a new employer? These three hours will better equip you. Plan, practice, and climb.


Best suited for:
  • Mid-level managers seeking their next promotion or company change
  • Mid-career professionals changing industries or service lines
  • Adults on pause wanting to re-enter the workforce
  • First-line supervisors looking to enter a management role
Managers seeking promotion

You’re qualified for that next job promotion. Your review is coming up. You want to be fully prepared. What are the business metrics you’ve achieved? How have you positively impacted your company? What actions can you do to plan and prepare?

Manager's ready for a change.
Are you a manager seeking a promotion or company change?
Managers changing industries

You have been successful in your current role and company. You’re considering a change. Maybe even a different industry. What actions should you take? How can you show your value? What are some ways to smartly go about this?

Industry change
Are you thinking on changing industries?
Rejoin the workforce

You are semi-retired. You miss working and the world has changed. You’re ready to dive-in again. You already know the ropes. But, you could use some brushing up.

Adults on pause

Looking to rejoin the workforce?

First-line Supervisors

You’ve done really well for yourself. You made it to a supervisory role. You have excelled. You’re prepared to move into management. What will it take? How can you fully prepare?

Supervisor applying for management
Are you a supervisor seeking a manager role?


Workshop Objectives (3 hours)

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Verbally clarify your “personal brand” and value
  • Consider the 3-phases of an interview (before, during, after)
  • Speak to personal strengths and anticipate “gotcha” questions