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Bright Young Professionals

This page is written to people who are sometimes grouped as “Bright Young Professionals” by marketing people.  Assuming this is you – District 50 includes a few thousand others similar to you.  I’d like your vote of course – but I recognize most of my votes will be from people who wear steel-toed boots and hard hats … working construction and labor intensive jobs.  Thank you in advance for browsing this page.

Here is a generalized description of your group:  Nationally, “Bright Young Professionals” is a large portion of our population.  Within the east Greeley, Garden City, and Evans area (District 50), this group is among the top ten groups – but just barely.

2016-05-21 Tapestry Bright Young Professionals

These communities are home to young, educated, working professionals. One out of three householders is under the age of 35. Compared to national averages, this group is slightly more diverse that many others.  Couples dominate this group – with more renters than homeowners. Nationally, more than two-fifths of these households live in single-family homes; whereas over a third live in buildings with more than five units.  This description is approximately true for this group in District 50 also.

Labor force participation is high, generally white-collar work, with a mix of food service. Median household income, median home value, and average rent are close to the US values. Residents of this segment are often physically active and up on the latest technology.


Assuming the description above seems to “fit” you, here are some other generalities about the group called “Bright Young Professionals.”

  • Approximately 56% of the households rent; 44% own their homes.
  • Education completed: 36% with some college or an associate’s degree, 30% with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Education in progress is 10%
  • Unemployment rate is lower than the national average
  • As consumers, this group is familiar with the latest technology
  • People in this group tend to get most of their information from the Internet.
  • Concern from this group include the environment and topics related to the environment

ABOUT US – a possible difference

On several of the other pages similar to this one, I point out “things in common” with that particular group.  While you and I do have several important things in common – (e.g., education, own a home) – there are also a few things where we differ.

Most of these differences between you and I come from our age – or, the “generation” we belong to. But one likely difference is in the subject of energy.

I want to be clear and up-front about this specific thing.  I am pro-oil.

I know a lot about the entire energy cycle (alternative energy, power and electric, oil and gas).  Many of the people (in your demographic) are put-off by my advocacy of the oil & gas sector.  If you are put-off by this, it would be near impossible to convince you otherwise from a short web page.  Instead of debating the pros and cons, I’d prefer to emphasize that you and I both believe it is important for us to protect the environment.

It sounds arrogant, and I suppose it is – but I am an energy expert.  Individuals, investment firms, consultancies, companies, and national organizations enlist my expertise around energy.  I have a deep understanding of alternative energy, electric power and distribution methods, and the oil & gas sector – AND environmental impacts.

I was a core team member of Deloitte’s national alternative energy team, and led the biofuel segment.  I’ve been an employee of a very large electric power and natural gas company, and have provided consulting to large and small organizations nationally.  My small business partnered with Lehigh University on a three-year government funded project called FOA-152.  The project centered on Smartgrid Engineering.  And I’ve been a leader in a large oilfield service firm (5-states) and provided consulting to dozens of companies in the oil & gas sector.  More than most other people I know, I’m able to speak to all of the varieties of energy – as well as potential impacts to our environment.

There are a few things that the oil & gas industry could and should do better.  There are also some constraints on the industry that are costly and unnecessary.  When it comes to “the environment” – often there are other politicians that would have better-sounding platitudes than me.  I can not honestly compete against the platitudes – I can however, compete on real understanding.  If elected, I will be an effective change-agent for those improvements that can and should be made from energy companies toward our environment.

Please explore other portions of this web site.  Of course, I would like your vote – I also get it that your group as a whole is less-inclined to vote for someone with my positions without getting to know me better.


  • Smaller government
  • Pro-small business
  • Pro-oil
  • Pro-life
  • Pro-gun
  • Pro-construction
  • Pro-manufacturing


Please reach out as shown on my contact page.  I’d be happy to meet individually, or a group (small or large).

Thank you.